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Three Proven Strategies to Recover from Bankruptcy

Three Proven Strategies to Recover from Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision. It takes a toll on your credit and can haunt you for the rest of your life. However, all is not lost when you file for bankruptcy. There are a few strategies you can implement to restore normalcy within a short period of time. Here is what we recommend. 

Change How You Handle Your Finances

First, perform a comprehensive financial evaluation. Identify the factors that made you to file for bankruptcy in the first place and come up with a new strategy on how to change them. If you had a problem with spending, for instance, establish a monthly budget and stick to it. Come up with a list of your monthly spending, including unforeseen expenses. In addition to budgeting, pay your bills in full and on time to ensure nothing else worsens your credit score. You can use the budget as a guide, or you can set automatic payments through your bank account. You should also monitor your credit score constantly to ensure you know what is being reported to the credit bureaus. Above all, live within your means to avoid unnecessary debts. 

Rebuild Your Credit Score

You need to begin with disputable entries on your credit report when rebuilding your credit score. There are a lot of inaccuracies that often come with credit reports. If you notice any discrepancy, you can launch a dispute and have it removed from the report. If you want effective credit dispute assistance, you can find out more here.

Once you remove all the erroneous entries, you can apply for a new line of credit to help you start rebuilding your credit score. You may want to begin with a cell phone plan. This plan helps you take care of your monthly payments in full and on time. Alternatively, you can apply for a secured credit card. Unlike traditional credit cards, secure credit cards allow you to have a line of credit using a specific deposit the bank will keep. If you fail to honor your payments in the credit, the bank will take the money from the deposit you provided. 

Maintain Good Credit

As you continue to improve your credit score, you need to be careful so that you don’t fall back into debt. Pay off all your credit card balances fully every month and stay on top of your payments. Stick to the budget you had developed earlier. Use the budget to keep track of all your finances and pay your bills on time. 

It can take many years to repair your credit, so be vigilant against habits that may hinder your progress. Depending on the type of bankruptcy, bad credit reports may fall off after six to nine years. If you maintain good credit practices, you may eventually have a good credit history. A good credit history will boost your ratings, allowing you to get low-interest loans. 

Bankruptcy is a difficult process if you do not know how where to start from on your path to recovery. Consider the tips discussed above, and you will have yourself to thank later.

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