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Srishti Goel Announces Launching Of Funding Campaign On Kickstarter For Doggo, The AI-Powered Dog Training Program

Srishti Goel Announces Launching Of Funding Campaign On Kickstarter For Doggo, The AI-Powered Dog Training Program

Srishti Goel reveals crowdfunding details for her Kickstarter campaign to fund project Doggo, The A-I Powered Dog Training for Rescue Dogs.

Srishti Goel, traveler and adventure junkie, entrepreneur and business development specialist has announced launch of fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for her project Doggo. It is an A-I powered dog training process that can rescue dogs that are being returned to the shelter every year for not cooperating with instructions of owners and for being too difficult to handle.

“It is estimated that 70,000 dogs are returned to the shelter every year as they are difficult to handle and hence become a major issue for owners,” says Srishti Goel. “We have developed Doggo to address this frustrating experience of dog owners. We use AI to help owners train their dog and are proud of the fact that we are the first app to incorporate AI into a dog training process.”

Srishti and her team have worked hard to provide dog owners a truly customized experience. There are other inventors who have tried their hand at mobile dog training before but with limited success. Doggo incorporates a host of exciting and high value features in the app that can make dog training simple and easy. It ticks all the vital boxes such as new tricks, tracking progress, humane factor, training principles, customized plan, gamified, behavior rehabilitation, dynamically adaptive training, distraction management and training, multiplier trainer support and more.

According to Srishti, Doggo will be free to use for life and always ad-free. The premium features will be available to users at a low price of $10 to $25 per month. By using AI, they have been able to create an app that is high quality, customizable and low cost. The money from premium subscriptions will be used for providing Doggo to shelter and rescue volunteers to rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues and ensure that they get adopted soon. Doggo can help save huge sums of money that dog owners would have to otherwise spend on professional dog trainers, boarding kernels and classes.

The Doggo training method works by prioritizing skills to set you up for success and managing your progress in all of them simultaneously. Srishti believes that the hardest part of training is not just teaching the command but making sure that the dog listens and obeys their owners regardless of where they are. The training method incorporates distraction levels and new environments too.

The Doggo training sessions are of 10 minutes duration because research shows that dogs learn best in short sessions than long classes. Owners can choose to hold many such sessions throughout the day. A calendar is provided to manage and move the training session to fit in the schedule of the users.

The Kickstarter funding campaign started by Srishti and co-founder Jai Ghanekar, has a target of $65,000 to be achieved by the deadline date of 31 October, 2017.

About Doggo:

Doggo is an AI powered dog training program for rescue dogs and is designed to adapt to the dog and users using a customized training plan. It is an affordable, easily accessible and user-friendly training program aimed at supporting shelters and rescues. The progress can be observed by everyone who interacts with the dog. It is the first app to incorporate AI into the dog training process and delivers a customized experience.

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