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Examining why small to medium enterprises are buying their own digital media

Examining why small to medium enterprises are buying their own digital media

Small businesses and medium enterprises are shifting their digital media spend to platforms like Facebook ads and Google AdWords, instead of relying on media buying agencies. There has been a rapid growth in UK marketing this year, and Google and Facebook account for the large bulk of the growth in online advertising. It is believed they control about 90 per cent of each market. These online platforms succeed as they are far more accessible and user-friendly. Also, the rise of mobile has proved a catalyst for growth in these digital media buying platforms.

Today, the majority of UK small businesses are increasing their spending on digital channels, without seeking professional media agencies for help on how to spend effectively. 22% of media agencies admit to not understanding how to measure marketing spend, so activity has swung to digital technology. Also, businesses have a better understanding of their audiences and the best way to reach them, than external digital media agencies. Google’s AdWords offers extremely focused ad targeting, with a diverse range of options such as location, detailed, custom audiences and the platform allows marketers to target their ads based on demographics.

Digital planning agencies such as Terrier are strictly focused on creating effective solutions for digital advertising, using various channels with specialised targeting. We asked managing director of Terrier Agency, Patrick Macnamara about digital media buying: “Small to medium businesses want to get as much bang for their buck as possible, cutting out media mark-up costs and account management helps them achieve that. This runs in parallel to the advancement of digital media buying platforms, with it now extremely easy for brands to purchase ad space. When brands understand the functionality, and targeting options available to them through the different digital ad platforms, they can put more time into tracking activity and adjusting it appropriately than a media agency would have done (in the past). I expect the trend to continue until media agencies spend more time reviewing their clients’ accounts on a regular basis and reducing the media mark-up and account management fees.”

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