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A Top Entertaining Hip-hop Album Is Being Released By A Prominent Up And Coming Entertainer To Entertain The World.

Detroit, MI – 25th October, 2017 – Xavier T. Clark Jr. a prominent up and coming entertainer popularly called Xae (pronounced Zay) born and raised in the Detroit, MI is thrilled to announce the release of his first hip-hop album titled “YOU DON’T KNOW ME. “The album according to the producer is the first from the hip-hop artist and has since been everywhere over all the digital music platforms, especially on YouTube, Twitter and iTunes, Amazon and Google Play July 28, 2017.

The album “YOU DON’T KNOW ME” is produced from a skillfully blended mix of hip-hop and rap genre which gives a seamless flow of music that reaches deep into the soul of the listener.  Xae started his life in Detroit, MI and he is a member of Central Baptist Church. His love for music at a very young age prompted him to enroll in Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts where he started his journey into the musical world. He started performing as a young hip-hop artist at age 10. “I have a strong passion for hip hop music and I have decided to take on the whole world by showcasing my musical talent,” said Xae while addressing a group of journalist about the release of the album.

In addition, Xae has performed in concert with different musicians and has been featured at the top folk clubs, where he has been able to entertain his audience to maximum satisfaction. He has covered venues such as the Detroit Science Center (Black History Event), the 86th-87th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Hob Nobble Gobble Disney Event. Xae has been widely recognized for his talent all over the Metro Detroit Area, winning awards from the Motor City Youth Competition and “Change Detroit for Good.” Xae is a winner of so many awards with The Spirit Of Detroit Award been the recent one. He also recently won a showcase with coast2coastdj which earned him a single deal to promote him in the hip hop rap scene. He was involved in a PSA to help with spreading the word to stop bullying.

Apart from being a talented musical artist, Xae also has a passion for clothing which is why he created a clothing brand named SWESH Life LLC. Swesh Life, a unique swagger with a dapper of freshness, he decided to use the words swag and fresh coming up with the word SWESH. Xae is determined to do something more solid in the music industry and the released album is the first of many to come from the talented up and coming hip-hop artist. You can find Xae on sound Cloud, Twitter, Instagram with @IamXae and on YouTube where several of his musical videos can be found. Facebook profile name is Xavier Clark jr.

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